Our Vision at Empower Education

Confident, caring and courageous growth

Founded by Jackie Wilson

My vision is to make a difference to as many children’s lives as possible. I am on a mission to change the face of mental health in schools, to work towards getting emotional intelligence into the curriculum, and into teacher training, because it is a crucial subject that needs to be taught to enable children to know how to be their best version of themselves, be empathic and know how to be emotionally resilient and how to manage their emotions. This naturally leads to more success in life, in academic achievement, in relationships and with themselves.

Jackie Wilson, Empower Education.

Why choose Empower Education?

Here at Empower Education we do the following things.

  • Build Self Belief, Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Develop Mindfulness Skills
  • Raise Self Awareness & Promote Personal Responsibility
  • Increase Positive Thinking
  • Grow Compassion, Kindness & Respect for self & others
  • Handle Conflict & Being Assertive
  • Self Management of Emotions
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

Why believe in us?

  • Our passion for making a difference with children, the next generation, our leaders of the future
  • Our experience of working with similar client groups
  • Our ability to work in a heart centred way
  • Our life experiences and proven results with our programmes
  • Our ability to connect and communicate the key messages about self belief, self esteem and confidence in a fun, stimulating, impactful way
  • The founder is actively involved in the facilitation
  • Our programmes are based on Emotional Intelligence principles, grounded in neuroscience and include both intra and interpersonal intelligence elements


‘Children are our future leaders lets raise them to be kinder, more confident, conscious and compassionate.’

(Jackie Wilson, Empower Education)

Our Vision

My vision comes from my own childhood experience and the transformation I have achieved in my life from having low self esteem & self confidence to realising that the negative thoughts I was having were only thoughts and not the truth of who I am.

There are so many adults who don’t have these skills so the aim is to make an impact to help the next generation have greater emotional intelligence, self awareness and self belief. I strongly believe this knowledge will promote greater emotional wellbeing and lower mental illness for these children now and in the future!

Children are our future leaders, lets raise them to be kinder, more confident, conscious, compassionate heart centred adults and make the world a better place to be.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

"Really wanted you to know that the shy unconfident Holly that came to your genie programme last year, took part in a school debating competition today, the only girl in her team. Just wanted to say thanks she has overcome a lot using the skills she learnt at the sessions. Thanks a lot!"
"The programme has worked well alongside other strategies we use within school and we feel that the programme has contributed to improving self esteem, confidence and concentration to most children within the class. I would certainly recommend this programme and would definitely have the team back in as the outcomes have proved to be very positive."

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