Empower Education in Schools

Young person’s mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children in Schools

When a child is showing challenging behaviour, low self esteem, low confidence or loosing focus their emotions are being surpressed and then quite often erupt, at which point they may verbally or physically hurt someone or themselves. This usually disrupts everything around them or they may stay supressed and the child becomes withdrawn or unwell and looses more confidence.

What we offer:

  • KS1-KS4 Self Development/Emotional Well-Being Programmes
  • Year 6/Year 11/A Level – How to manage exam stress/anxiety (large groups or targeted groups)
  • KS2-KS4 Peer Well-Being Mentors
  • KS1-KS4 Assemblies
  • KS1-KS4 Workshops
  • Staff Well-Being Audits
  • Staff 1 & 2hr Well-Being/Self Development & Resilience Workshops in schools or children’s organisations
  • Staff ½ or full INSET/training days on Well-Being/Self Development/Resilience & ‘Connected’ Teaching
  • Private 1-1 with staff/students
  • Parent Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence/Self Development/Resilience workshops & programmes

Self awareness

Become self aware to be able to recognise their emotions and where they store them


Take responsbility for their emotions and learn to manage them effectively


How to see their thoughts as just ideas

Bespoke Packages / Programmes


We educate children and help their growth

Empower Education

By educating and supporting children with their growth, the following things can be achieved.

  • The children’s Emotional Intelligence develops
  • They gain a ‘growth’ mindset and have a stronger self belief
  • They will begin to be able to respond rather than react to situations
  • Have a greater awareness of themselves and those around them
  • Know they have a huge potential and the ability to be successful in life

Our Bespoke packages/programmes that are available result in:

  • A more responsive class of children
  • Classroom and children full of positive energy
  • An ‘I Can’ attitude
  • Better behaviour
  • Higher achievement
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Easier to manage children

Educating and Supporting Children

Empower Education works to help children with:

  • Increase Positive Thinking
  • Build Self Belief, Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Raise Self Awareness
  • Grow Empathy & Respect
  • Grow Kindness
  • Handling Conflict
  • Self Management
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
  • Develop Mindfulness

We teach children & young people in a heart centered way in every aspect of our programmes, appreciating the importance of variety, that the children need different mediums to hold their interest and attention. The methods we use are underpinned by Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Whole Brain approach, NLP, EFT & Yoga Techniques and at the same time we use age related fun & varied techniques


Various Techniques

We use various techniques to help children’s growth including Yoga

Here’s What Our Clients Say

"Really wanted you to know that the shy unconfident Holly that came to your genie programme last year, took part in a school debating competition today, the only girl in her team. Just wanted to say thanks she has overcome a lot using the skills she learnt at the sessions. Thanks a lot!"
"The programme has worked well alongside other strategies we use within school and we feel that the programme has contributed to improving self esteem, confidence and concentration to most children within the class. I would certainly recommend this programme and would definitely have the team back in as the outcomes have proved to be very positive."

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